ChillinIT – Walk & Drive feat. Nerve Lyrics

ChillinIT – Walk & Drive feat. Nerve ( Lyrics ) Letra ChillinIt420 ChillinIT – Walk & Drive feat. Nerve ( Lyrics )

Overkill all these rappers because this is more than war
Now I drive all of these guys just like I walk and talk
Bored at all designer stores, bored gotta told them more
Used to save for Muscle meals, now I got a Smörgåsbord
The name ring bells, you think I’m workin’ door-to-door
We came a long way from stackin’ walls at the corner store
Now we cruise with P’s and O’s, call it “All aboard!”
Said we never make it, what the fuck you think we ballin’ for?
No [?] to my M&M’s, the A flavour inside my pen
Anytime that we bust a set all the babes say the stuff’s a ten
Tell ‘er, “Baby, it’s nothin’ less for the best ‘til we up in the penthouses”
Puffin’ up some Zeds that go straight to your fuckin’ head
Now we smokin’ on some stuff, it’s so potent your lungs are dead
Then I scoped around the world and said “Nerve, take a puff again”
OG’s we come correct, on a beat like we puff and ‘em
And smokin’ legal so we don’t be discrete when we puffin’ ‘em
This is Das EFX, Mos Def mixed with a little more
Or some Fiddy and some Drizzy that’s mixed with some Biggie Smalls
Then some bang block Wu-Tang squished into a little ball
That’s it all
Lyrics and rhythms I got in store
And we just tore the roof on a drop top coupé
Battle scars but the show go on like Lupe
We made a couple albums like work, took a few days
Most of these rappers cappin’ from the top like a toupée
That’s a bold statement, talkin’ with no hair
Oh yeah, metaphorically, fuck who we don’t care
You wanna talk about work rate, don’t even go there
My girl sweet like Kool Aid, got me like “Oh yeah!”
Livin’ chronically, fuck it like no air
I got money for some brothers but others, there’s no spare
High stakes spittin’ Hogs Breath, Ha! My flow rare
If you lookin’ for them broke boys, baby, they over there


It’s green crack, this sativa strain gonna have me blasted off
Kush is all up in this pack, and I’m at the ganja spot
Try to imitate us, you been a fake I can hardly watch
Rappers get a [?] push back just like your barber shop
We raised the bar until the bar became too hard to top
Used to have a target now they workin’ at the Target shop
Blamin’ analytics and critics sayin’ their market dropped
The market hasn’t dropped, you’re just too invested in a laughin’ stock
Pull up we can meet it like a parkin’ lot
We charge ‘em in the park and then we charge it for the park we got
That’s a full pay, me and Nerve can do the full day
Yeah, their half rappin’, but they half cappin’, that’s a full fake
We busy livin’ yeah, we don’t really give a care
Frogstomp on rap on this freak, I call him Silverchair
Pluggy got the Powderfinger, sticky green, shit is rare
Imported this shit from overseas, my homie livin’ there
These rappers all wildin’ they childish like Gambino
That’s why when Man unite, they can’t manage us like Mourinho
Fuck that! I can make a quarter back like Mourinho
No Quentin but your fiction is pulp, Tarantino
She got jet black hair and she like like to rock like an emo
It’s crazy what they’ll do for a bag of the Valentino
Put your card on the table, get the chip like casino
L got bars so heat you can sip it just like mojitos

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