The Fountain – BAD OMENS

What will I have left when even the
hurt is gone and I can’t feel a thing?
Would you had been there when I came home?
Could you hold on another day?
I wish I had not held
Held on to you so long
But I was just so damn afraid
I wish I hadn’t used you to pull me
Out of this dark lonely place

I had the whole damn world and I gave it all away
What did I think I would save?
For better or for worse this is my burden to take
Because I’m the only one to blame
You’re so much better off
With nothing but memories of
Memories of my face
Because I have no use now that
you’re gone and now I’m running out of faith

Together we will live forever

I’m not afraid anymore
I’m not afraid anymore

We will live forever

Enviado Por Sumerian Brazil Records

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