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Teezo Touchdown – Sweet Lyrics ft. Fousheé

Teezo Touchdown – Sweet (Lyric ) ft. Fousheé Letra TeezoVEVO Teezo Touchdown – Sweet (Lyric ) ft. Fousheé
Intro: Teezo Touchdown
Everything you say is funny
You don’t ever need another—, mm
Gotta think how I can word that

Verse 1: Teezo Touchdown
Everything you say is funny
Girl, it feel like I’m datin’ a comedian
Everybody else I swerve, but today, I finally hit the median
Even though I can’t dress, girl, you love everything that you see me in
Do you really think I’m cute?
Honesty look good on you
Honestly, you too good for me
Honestly, we’ll last about a week
Honestly, my life is sour
But when I’m with you, everything’s sweet
When I’m with you, everything’s sweet
Verse 2: Fousheé
If the clothes fit (Uh)
We should wear it, though, I’m not so keen to sharin’
Got along with you to spare
It’s nice and toasty in my bed, wе’re buried
I think we should gеt married (We should get)
Sometimes, I catch myself just starin’ at your face
I wanna memorize
Until it’s embedded in my eyes
I can’t believe this is my life
Havin’ doubts, havin’ doubts, ain’t a servant of you
And I don’t need her, neither
You’re the frosting and everything’s cake
And we won’t have to bake, everything’s sweet
Oh, everything’s sweet, huh
Everything’s sweet
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