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SABINSHII – Nunca te dejare

Letra “SABINSHII – Nunca te dejare” Official Lyrics

Stay awake if you want if you need to
I think we both know just how this game go
I don’t know what to say if it will work but i think we both know you just wanna speed up
Get our brains fucked
Get our daily fix
Get the motherfucker who in your dms talking shit
Saying “when that ends hit me up when you’re done w him”
I’ll just look the other way bc this shit is no strings attached
I don’t got

Your love

Will all i say be a weight that is pardoned?
I know that what i provide is temporary solace
I thought that would be more important than a boy with blue eyes yet
You confused me past the line of comprehending all of it and it’s a shame that i ain’t end up like a white boy
You want me some but you want him to end ur life cause
He’s the type that’s frail and alright huh?
Right boy, she want that white boy, i don’t got

Your love
Control your love
I swear your love i swear i swear i swear i hate it all
Your love, your love, your love
Please just love me

I’m not like my mother more like my father
If you end up leaving me for another
I’ll kill him in the end and rip off his fucking skin
Make sure you never wanna see him again and
This obsession isn’t no romantic shit
It’s more the documentary the school involved in it
I’ll get a spot of my own on tv Oxygen
When i’m done w him ventilate his oxygen just for

Your love
Who do you love?
For your love
Who do you love?
And why is it not me?

My father’s son, i own that shit like a metal
Back pedal, i said back pedal

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