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Morgul Wound – Bile Flask

Letra “Morgul Wound – Bile Flask” Official Lyrics

War is coming
Death will come to all
You cannot fight the shadow
Even now you fade
One light alone in the darkness
And in the darkness bind them
I stand beneath a caliginous sky
Mourning symphonies, Storm-blasting War Drums
Bellow in the deep, The wraiths are airborne
Bearing the reek of sorrow
The Dark Knight Templars descend upon the vermin
Hollow souls, Birthed ov filth
Shrouded in white robes, Their despotism shall be repaid in tenfold
Cowering in their wretched kingdom
Falling into ruin, Famine and dеspair
As cryptic shadows stretch across the land
Isolated and weeping
Thеy beg for clemency, Isolated and weeping
They beg for penitence
Isolated and weeping
They beg for mercy but nothing shall quell our rage
Death and decay will breach every corridor
Torches flickering, Cavorting to the writhing cries of agony
Shattering bones, cold flesh engraved by swords malefic touch
You will feel our hate and suffer as those you have oppressed
Dunni kan markhan
Ashi burzum-ishi
Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

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