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Monét Ngo – Scarebear

Letra “Monét Ngo – Scarebear” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

Sometimes you act like you don’t care, you don’t care
I don’t mean to make you scared, make you scared
If you give me a reason to be, I’ll be there
If you kiss me tender softly I won’t care

Verse 2

Cause I’m a fool for you
Cause I’m a fool for you

Verse 3

I do
Love you
I’m scared of letting go
Keep you to myself

Verse 4

You don’t have to call me up
Seasons change no matter what
Are you happy next to me
Guess I’m changing

Verse 5

Laying side by side
Our fingertips
Underneath the sky
Infinite blue

Verse 6

I swear to you I’ve changed
But I never was to blame
I’ll always care for you
We’ll always make it through

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