Lyrics Westside Gunn – FlyGod Jr

Westside Gunn – FlyGod Jr (Official Video) ft. DoeBoy, DJ Drama Lyrics
[Intro: DJ Drama]
Uh-hm, a decade strong
You know when I first started DJ’ing
All I wanted to do was get my name on a flyer
Now I’m flyer than ever
So who better to introduce the FLYGOD than me?
Cultural art at it’s finest
Welcome, to Hitler Wears Hermès 10
Oh yeah, DJ Drama! (FLYGOD)

[Verse 1: Westside Gunn & Doe Boy]
Ayo, where you was at when I was sellin’ those eights? (Ah)
Tesla two-seater, just me and the Drac’ (Ah)
Fiend said he comin’ right back, I said “Great” (Ah)
Duffle bag got the Wardolf, Freddie May
Margiela see-throughs sleevеs, you see the gauge (Ah, boom-boom-boom)
Bought a new dick, cost three hundrеd, Plain Jane
Dutchie stoved ten but I just whipped fifty
Central Park out on Leroy in the Bentley (Skrrt)
Rest in Peace Dip, you was on my left titty
Rest in peace Munch, I’m the king of my city (Dramatic, nigga)
Post got bodies on bodies (Boom-boom-boom-boom-boom)
All my jewels on, I make a nigga wanna rob me (Ah)
Think shit sweet I had you niggas on a diet
Shooter sixteen, three-and-0 with the fire (Ah)
Nigga said he got the shits from me, he a liar (Ah)
Your bitch fuckin with me overseas, she a (Gangsta Gri-zillz)
Got most off of cocaine (Cocaine)
Kicks two-thousands, shits don’t got no name (Ah, uh-uh)
Fiends at the house, it look like Soul Train (Soul Train)
Cherry Mulsanne, I got road rage (Skrrt)
Make sure it’s filled then you unload it
You ain’t shootin’ shit, now you can’t hold it (Ah)
My nigga rock a blue, cuz stay rollin’ (Ah)
My buz wearin’ red, that nigga stay blowin’
That nigga on the run, nah, I don’t know him (I don’t know him)
You don’t know him but your hoe know him (Oh really, Gangsta Gri-zillz)
[Interlude: Doe Boy & DJ Drama]
Doe, Doe, Doe (Beezy) Doe
Hell of a run we havin’, huh?
Doe, Doe, Doe (Beezy) Doe
This Gangsta Grillz dough got me spendin’ a lot of money on Hermès
Doe, Doe, Doe (Beezy) Doe (Beezy, hahahahaha, Doe Boy!)
Doe, Beezy, Doe, go (Pow, pow, pow, grroaw, pow, pow, oh really)

[Verse 2: Doe Boy]
I don’t like repeating myself, it’s only one time I’ma tell you
One thing for sure, them Glocks won’t fail you, I keep my guns just like Griselda (Bow-bow-bow)
I got richer than my teachers but they said I’ll be a failure (Fools!)
I make niggas’ mommas cry, guess I do not respect my elders (Oh, really)
My young boy finesse his draws, bitch, you better knock off what he sell you
You better not come on this block, he up the chop’, that hammer nail you
Tried to tell you, had to teach your ass a lesson
My boy a demon, God he don’t believe in, bitch, he step on peasants (Bow-bow-bow)
We got Dracos, not no Smith & Wessons, bitch, we really reckless
Got that .30 on my left hip, up it quicker than half a second
What we been through, bet the opps gon’ be on point, who wanna bet it?
Said you was a killer, I heard him said it but I’m the type to come for your credit
If I feel her, I’ll go get her, I’m the type to swipe my debit (Come here, baby)
I be steppin’, I’m not petty, I’m the type to ice her Patek
Ice her pedicure, drape her in Dior, we did that before
You just rap, ain’t really behind bars before except your metaphors (Oh, really, Gangsta Gri-zillz)

[Outro: Doe Boy & DJ Drama]
Go (Beezy)
That’s ten times we done put on a MasterClass for you now
Go, go, go (Beezy) go
When you niggas gon’ realize?
Go, go, go (Beezy) go
You can’t do what we do!
Go, go, go (Beezy) go (oh really, legendary!
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