$UICIDEBOY$ – CHÂTEAU GRIS (Lyric Video) Lyrics
It’s the pimp player
Money maker
Body layer
Say a prayer
Hoe stacking
Pistol packing
White boy with the permed hair
Choppa sprizzay
What the biz say
I just brought a cold front
To the sizzouth
Gold mizzouth
Ice out like a storefront

Slick spit that mack shit
Make the track hit
Ain’t no time for a wack bitch unless the mouth sick
Face down in the mattress
Make that back dip
Make her feel like an actress in a porno flick

Ride off in a Benz thang
Took off with no trace
Psychopathic with that 9 mane
I might catch a case
Mask on or the mask off
It don’t make no difference
Cuz I slide with them killas, mane
They don’t leave a witness

Heard you tipping to the feds, mane
Must be off your meds, mane
Pissing in his pants when I put that chrome to his head, mane
Leave him dead, mane
Saved his boys some head pain
One less snitch in the gang
That’s a net gain
Bet, mane
Heard it was that Anna you was checking for
Ruger, choppa, semi
What the fuck I need a vest for?

Have them hoes tweaking like a despo
Smoking on a blizzunt while this jizzunt make that neck go
Damn bro
Wetto beat them boys like a guerilla pimp
Never simp
Bring your beef to god because I’m heaven sent

Talk that playa shit
Hoes they circumvent
Shout out Project Pat
Mista don’t play and I been leaning since

I get high off that mothefucking…
Wetto ride like a motherfucking…
Down to die for my motherfucking…
My hoes they bi, but they say I got that…

Bitch I’m Angola bound
Going down to the southside of the lake
Riding round town
Plotting on whos shit I’m bout to take
If it’s fake Ima sell it
If it’s real Ima sell it
Outside of the Lexus forest green
I know you jealous
Born a warlord out the ward of the seventh
All these deadly sins I think the fifth made me a felon
Begging for Armageddon
I got eleven virgins waiting for me in heaven
Bitch I ain’t stressing

Pimp a bitch just because
Blanco never need a reason, hoe
Never tell these hoes a secret unless you wanna leak it, hoe
Seen a ghost but I was puffin piff up in the mirror
You want smoke?
Fit you in a coffin then I’ll say it clearer

I got corners in gentilly where we slang that Millie Bobbie Brown
Never been on trial cuz the bodies wasn’t ever found
That’s how we do em down south Bayou style
Feed the gators when them rats start running wild
Tryna bite my style

I got skulls floating in the swamp
I got bones covered up in moss
Blanco burnin up a fuckin cross
All my demons know who’s fucking boss

Who are you?
Ruby rougarou
Holla hootie hoo when you see them boys in baby blue
Who are you?
Blanco in a coupe
Uzi out the roof raining bullets

I get high off that mothefucking…
Blanco ride like a motherfucking…
Down to die for my motherfucking…
My hoes they bi, but they say I got that…

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