Lyrics TMP – Asian Trapstars

TMP – Asian Trapstars (Prod By: Ryno Beats) [Music Video] | P110 Lyrics
Spend 3 on the glee another 5 on the star 9 got shooters on the bench like it’s half time I couldn’t even cop a Bent it was hard times now I copped a Benz told the team now it’s our time all them nights in the rain now the kids drippin no losers in my team yeah we’re all winnin line kickin I ent got time for no kippin always got the shank on waist I ent ever slippin limo tints on this amg drug marker on the whip so I’m tryna dodge the amp packs on me if I slip that’s hmp 6 figure ahki no wonder feds hate on me spent 30 on my whip another 30 on my wrist another 50 on the other you know i take the piss but its right I took the risk all them times I had to lose just so I could fuckin win pullup like a standard deal i ain’t a rapstar we’re them Asian trapstars we fly packs out our fast cars a couple friends snaked me I got my back scared couple friends snaked me got my back scared before I started rap I still had bars I was breaking 9s at my dads yard I was scummy back then I had to graft cars now the phones got me up and down like a graph chart packed in the t I’m turning white into boulders hommy that’s my bro he’s got my back like my shoulders haych that’s my fam I ain’t ever had no olders me and rhino ona beat can you name a track colder catch me in the hell cat were only smoking loud cats ask my brother jordan how I came up of a ounce pack beep shout drilla cuz he’s active and I vouch that Ross that’s a boss took a loss but he’ll bounce back in the trap ask mo how i go hard catch me and mist in the lv’s and go yard me and p 100 plants in the grow yard catch me and chubz slanging packs out the go far me and camz flipping dogs these ain’t no XL’s me and Ramz got the flavours kali when we exhale Free my nigga AT i pray that he gets bail M made a M in a day of some details.
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