STEMODITY x BRUXISM – BORDER/LINE (prod. Istasha) Lyrics
crawling my way out of a place that stays veiled,
dripping with bld infused with the feeling of betrayal,
somebody’s gotta win at the end of the deal,
turned over to the wolves who give a f*** how you feel,
there’s ones who break their bones and scrape skin for their next meal,
we’re ones to break phones and complain about chemtrails,
can’t wash away the shame like bl
d on the staircase,
finding life a drag, nobody called it a fair race…

wishin for a ticket to get over the nightmare,
got you rotting in your mind, you turn around and it’s right there,
leakin, bldin, screamin, jumpscared by peripherals,
lil stevie can’t seem to get a grip on the meaning of control,
sorry bout the sheets, didn’t mean to get the bl
d soaked,
liquor won’t wash away the sin but the floods will,
I don’t got no problem finding out the vibes
inside the room im leavin soon to my tomb ‘fore the doom ensues…

Take Ls and tell tales, (tails),
I’ll take heads,
two face(d) b****es with fake nails, and filler in their lips
Yeah You talk s***, not gon’ drink your flavor aid it’s toxic,
Don’t you look back, right on sight you’ll turn to salt b****,
Uh oh!
Uh oh!
Who’s that? who’s said what I say ain’t sell?
Blowing up my phone like Ted Kazinski sending mail,
Night flyer, cryptic cryptid mystifer,
You can watch the shadows in your cave all you desire,
Scratching the itch, antihistamine,
Listen see, follow my words like scopolamine,
all you need know is not knowing’s enough for me,
Others seek knowledge, acknowledgement, sympathy,
I just k*ll in cold blood on some Gacy, Bundy, Dalmer s***,
I am Bruxism’s complete lack of humbleness
When the hunted turns hunter you’ll learn the word plunder,
it burns, the church crumbles,
the hunchback of nothing,
So sick, I can barely speak, look into my eyes,
Pollution is online and Digital our time…


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