Lyrics Sheppard – Good Time

Sheppard – Good Time [Official Music Video] Lyrics
I wanna spend my money where the days are sunny and bright
I wanna find some people who don’t mind no sleeping cause I’ll be up tonight

I wanna live and let love fly with the birds in the sky
And I know that you ain’t disagreeing
So come on, I just wanna be free yeah.

So let’s not hesitate a moment longer
Open up your heart with me
Let it float and just keep singing

I’m just looking for a good time
Wanna take a never ending holiday
Margaritas on the coastline
At a beach that feels so far away

But I’m really just a punchline
Cause I already have an amazing view
Always looking for a good time
But my best time is always with

I plant flowers in the city cause I want it looking pretty somehow
I’m gonna chase that feeling where I’m higher than the ceiling and my heads up in the clouds

I’m sick of high rise livin’ and bad vibes bringin’ me down
Yeah and I know that you ain’t disagreeing
So cmon, take a chance to be free, yeah!

I just wanna have a good time
Have a good time
Have a good, good time
With you, with you
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