Lyrics Shane Eagle – Hold You

Shane Eagle – “Hold You” (Official Video) Lyrics
Yeah, just to hold you, uh
Nah, just to hold you
Just to hold you
Yeah, just to hold you
Yeah, just to hold you
Yeah, just to hold you
Turn me up somethin’, yeah, yeah
Yeah, just to hold you
Let me kick somethin’, let me kick somethin’ for you, yeah
Ayo, these hands were made to scorch mics
So pass the microphone
Walk up in the booth like I’m home to hit a home run
Everybody know that Young Eagle been the one, son
I’m dunkin’ on Mars, I hear you can’t jump
These are the flows they’ll never forget chump
And if I met you at a show I’ll never forget ya
Like them old school classic movies
I’m just loopin’ classic shit to get me through it
I got the 85’s on my feet
Jumping vertical
This that new surgical off with ya head flow
Water on me like Rolls Royce umbrellas
Remember Good Fellas?
Used to ride ’round the hood dreamin’ of whips like this
Now I’m hoppin’ out this shit, would you believe this?
Nothing’s out of reach but you can’t have everythin’, mmm
Said, nothing’s out of reach but you can’t have everythin’
And anything is possible so you might as well get it
What is it?
Is it love?
Is it inspiration?

Is it more knowledge like education?
Just keep workin’, don’t get complacent
Turn the radio on, Young Eagle on the station
Turn your TV on, Young Eagle on the station
Damn, we came a long way from the base kid
Said he never seen an alien, I pulled up to the hood in a motherfuckin’ spaceship
Young nappy-headed nigga goin’ crazy out in NY
I know why, it’s a new era
Just to hold you
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