Lyrics DJ Drama, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. – No Weakness ft. Symba

DJ Drama, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. – No Weakness (Official Lyric Video) ft. Symba Lyrics
Let me explain somethin’ to you
When I say I’m really like that
What I mean is, I’m the culture (Gangsta)
What I’ve continuously gaven to the game
This shit can’t be duplicated
I’m one of one (Uh), DJ Drama

Poppin’, I came here to get it poppin’
I fuck her, don’t take her shoppin’
That money, I got a lot, that car, it ain’t got no top
These niggas ain’t got no bitches, that’s why they hatin’ a lot
My six-four got switches, I pull up and make ’em stop (Oh)
They call me Young Khalifa (Oh)
Don’t wanna fuck with no karma, ’cause I don’t fuckin’ need her
Don’t need niggas to show me love, ’cause I don’t love ’em neither
Don’t let politics intervene, I get my money and leave
I hear ’em talk, but they don’t want it with me (With me)
I fuck her after my show, send her to Unc’ and then she comin’ with me (With me)
Don’t even have to give her number to me
See, all my niggas livin’ comfortably, grow some weed and puff it to me
You’re some freak or flair, I’ll be your supplier
Let’s smoke a paper plane, shorty, let’s get higher
These bitches sellin’ pussy, but I ain’t the buyer
Taylor Gang, my attire, I’m livin’ life like The Wire
If she ain’t fuckin’, she fired (Khalifa)

I don’t care how many times I gotta prove myself (Uh, hahaha)
That’s what I come here for (Hey, hey)
Them niggas not built like us (Hey, hey)
Tip, holler at ’em (Hey)

Ain’t no accident, it’s the demolition man
Burn ’em at your set, a fire to your men advanced
Go to war with any man, you can get a chance
Everybody get it, youngin spinnin’ like a ceiling fan (Get ’em)
Connect you with a brick or a ten or the love
I can get you the bad lawyer when you ran to the Forbes
And get you gone when you in the city (Yeah)
You want a buzz that get you drugs
You want a bitch for a coat that can get you hugs
What you negotiate matter, it ain’t ’bout what you deserve
A nigga curve a ho’, it’s servin’, ho’
But, nah, with every ho’, they know I go
And go again, the land of the peaches
And they foreign friend, they be goin’ in, ain’t gotta lure ’em in
Sheesh, so fuck shit, better go on with it
Paper on me at all times, like I was born with it
Anybody get it and anybody fuckin’ with it
Most iconic out of my motherfuckin’ city, nigga (Symba)

Down in Miami, pullin’ yachts off the dock (Yeah)
Barely watch my watch, ’cause this money come ’round the clock (Yeah)
I got a few haters, but they too broke to be opps
Tryna juggle all these women, I’m startin’ to feel like my pops
Walkin’ out of Nobu, put Gracie [?] in a drop
I’m with the block, we turned the Hollywood Hills into Ante Up (Facts)
These keyboard killers been constantly takin’ shots
But my dogs’ll put a hole in your steppers, like they was Crocs
These hoes back in they feelings, so what? I’m back on my grind (Yeah)
Where was your bitches at when your bread was longer than mine?
I used to pull out my card and would pray it wouldn’t decline
But God ain’t always answer my prayers to send a sign
The Maybach just like the crib, it came with blinds
The crib got heated marble floors, I’m doin’ fine
Forever about a dime, I promise I had to climb
I ain’t even hit my prime, I told you niggas, results take time

Hahaha, you niggas talkin’ ’bout flowers
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