Lyrics DJ Drama – Legendary ft. Tyler, The Creator

DJ Drama – Legendary (Official Lyric Video) ft. Tyler, The Creator Lyrics
DJ Drama

It’s Bunny Hop

Um, once upon a time, 2006 if I had to guess
Weezy F baby was proving to us he was the best
I was kick pushin’ and diamond dollas right on my feet
Saved up every penny, sacrifice any meal I can eat
Dedication (Woo) Dedication Three the prequel
Broke my shell that summer was dedicated to me
Now it’s boats and arenas and twenty thous in the beamer
I’m singing numbers I’m doing the Macarena
My big homies picking they plays based on the mattress
Yo big homies hoping these women claim them on taxes
Google my net worth and I laugh, that’s just a fraction
These ideas is stuck in the air, straight doing back flips
Sweet Georgia peach on my couch I ate ‘er
The new crib come with a theater, hi hater
I bikeround way back to Hov, hi neighbor
I didn’t want to deal with a mortgage, it’s all paper
Big spenda, the garage is for big fenders
It’s Tbaby red vehicle, wheel bender
We was drinkin’ them shastas
Now we leasing our masters
Don’t you ever you forget
It’s Gangsta Grillz, you bastards

(I’m really like that) Bitch, I’m really like that
8 cars to my name
Bitch, I’m really like that (I’m really like that)
10 years in this shit
Bitch, I’m really like that (I’m really like that)
I’d put myself first
Bitch, I’m really like that

I’d cut a nigga off
Bitch, I’m really like that
I don’t fuck with nobody
Bitch, I’m really like that
Young T Bunny Hop
Bitch, I’m really locked in
DJ Drama, Gangsta Grillz
I’m really like that
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