Letra Faceless 1-7 – Download My Conscious

Download My Conscious – Faceless 1-7 Lyrics, Letra:

Download my conscious, it can’t sit up ill in my brain
I see them watching they plotting up ill on my name
This shit be nonsense, got no cents dollars or the K
I get my profits abolished sleeping in the rain

They keep me callous, fuck out my palace out my lane
Switching my list up ’til they got mist up in they veins
Said picture my system, delete my shit like every day
I will not miss ’em, I can’t relate we ain’t the same

My lungs can’t breathe round you
Got no trust on higher views
Keep that dirt up in my sleeves
Tangled sheets and lsd
Broke my screen it staying blue
Static stabbing in my view
Making bread to brеak your being
I stay fed on guillotines

Paint it black whilе I ‘Od, strapped full of chemicals
Passed the cemetery, now I’m back to ephemeral
Addict with leaves in the trees where I stay
We just casualties, left my keys in the gate said
Pessimist distance me from everything

Masochist slits his wrist, and it’s heavenly
(No light on snow days)

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