Letra Baby Smoove – I know

I know – Baby Smoove Lyrics, Letra:

I know
I know, I know, I know
I know
This wood, it’s so big, this bitch look like, like-like a polish sausage, man
That you get from home depot or sum’

I know she a hoe, I fuck her better than my bitch
Before I crack the seal, I get to lickin’ on my lips
His only sauce was unemployment, now he mad than a bitch
This ain’t normal palm angels, black buffs on the fit
He think ’cause it’s been some years we forgot that he snitched
Ya’ll niggas broke and lame, call it quits
These diors $1200, I still treat ’em like shit
I be wearing 990s like a eagle at the crib
2020 foreign, I don’t really hold the wheel

I’m a real haver, wait till I sign a deal
That nigga looking bad, he been fuckin’ with them pills
If I stand on my money, then I’m taller than shaquille
He don’t want no smoke, turn that boy into a strain
Shit is like $1000 for this cup in my hand
Your nigga, he a bum, he be stealing from his mans
It’s a panoramic, ya’ll ain’t living how we live
This switch on this choppa’ make a midget feel big
These niggas really think they doing sum’ in they head
I’m a franchise nigga, you can’t do it this big
No cap, my garage way bigger than they cribs

You don’t get my respect, you will catch a open hand
Don’t say nun’ to me when you crying bout’ your mans
Every other day these niggas crying on the ‘gram
Three-way fed call, it’s just me, trick, and bam
Tryna’ rob me’ll really have ya’ momma shot
I been spending money, you so broke, you gon’ watch
I’m so proud of me, shit, I know you niggas not
Yea I love the drank, it won’t never ever stop
I be gettin’ money, you be gossiping with niggas
I need me a cup before my body feel different
I tried to take a half, but I ain’t bite it down the middle
He was doa, he ain’t make it to the spittle

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