Letra Arm's Length – Dirge

Dirge – Arm’s Length Lyrics, Letra:

You’re obsessed with dying young in a past life
I can’t convince you otherwise
You used to dream of all the ways that you have died
And I’m the reincarnate killer
Who took you before your time
Leave trace behind
Leave no trace behind

When the family tree
Starts growing
Some phantom limbs
I knew it to be true
Now this kindred kindling
Smoke won’t stop following you
You’re talking in your sleep, the only time I hear you speak
Locked and sealed inside your rib cage
Lays a stomach you won’t feed
And you can hardly hear the ocean in the shell you’ve grown to be
Just vacancy
Just vacancy

Needed a change of scenery (you miss a place you’ve never been)
But I suffocate up mountains
And I sink in every sea (so let me be)
Vicariously living life through me
(When all I want is to feel clean)
You ended up with trust fall wounds
And pins and needles feet

Bet I can hold my breath longer than you can underwater
And I’ll cling to your collarbones
And you sound just like your father
But your voice carries farther
You won’t grow to be taller
Half asleep

Grab all the guilt you can garner and give it to me
You bite the hand that pulls on your collar
And chew on your teeth

Had a good head on your shoulders
At least until you got older
You know, a steady and slow burn
Still ends in smoke

What started out as a smoulder
Has surfaced; boiling over
When the eyes of the beholder
Are sewn to be closed

I’m breaking bones
And you’re signing my cast
That’s exactly how you’ll wind up dead

I am blessed to be home
I’m possessed by my past
Put a roof over my rotten head

You know exactly where I’ll go when I’m gone
Know that it’s been in the works for so long
Born and raised tending to our trauma bond
Because you know that it’s all we’ve got

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