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Leema & Just AmazN – Long Road

Letra “Leema & Just AmazN – Long Road” Official Lyrics

Verse 1: Leema

We broke every single promise we made
And every single fear that I held became true
Now there’s nothing to lose
I got nothing to prove
Look at all the cracks in the bricks we’ve laid
The strings that tied us retied in the shape of a noose
Tightening till I’m blue
It makes no difference to you

Chorus: Leema

It’s such a long road
Go too fast and you’ll lose control
Go too slow and you won’t keep up
Hard to find the perfect medium
But when I do
Don’t try to slide through
You won’t see me face to face now
You weren’t there when I was face down

Verse 2: Just AmazN

Uh, feelin’ like I’m losin’ my way
I’m not lost but I’m startin’ to stray
Driftin’ off into my own decay
I know I said that “I’mma Be OK”
But doubt has got my faith to sway
And lately I’ve just been in misery
I’m so sick of Muscular Dystrophy
And what it did to me
Is it really a mystery
Why I’m in such dis-ease?
Yeah, realistically
My life ain’t no Christmas tree
Yet this was a gift given to me
Maybe I’m not livin’ the dream
It seems, more like a nightmare
I’m aware that life’s not fair
Though I wasn’t left in the cold
So I don’t have to carry the whole load
I’m bein’ held onto by a Stronghold
Man, it’s really been such a long road

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