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Joi – Jefferson St. Joe

Letra “Joi – Jefferson St. Joe” Official Lyrics


I used to be halfway blind
Now I can almost see
Funny how losing you
Was the best and worst that could happen to me
Even though I hardly see you
Oh, I felt you all the time
Every now and then you drop a card
Just to say how long you’re mine
I’m thankful for your life
And for how it ended me
You made me proud to be
The baby girl of number seventeen
My mother said that you were sick
And that’s the reason you were gone
But I never ever hated you
Even though you know you were wrong
When I look in thе mirror
I’m reminded of a love that livеs through me
I know your soul is resting
That you’re finally free


And you’re gone to the universe
You’ve gone, gone to the universe, oh
You’re gone to the universe
You’re gone, gone, gone to the universe

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