Jay Hound x Jay5ive – No Label Lyrics

Jay Hound x Jay5ive – No Label ( Lyrics ) Letra SweepersENT. Jay Hound x Jay5ive – No Label ( Lyrics )
KZ On The Beat
Catch me a real one
Like, word to bro
Ttgz do hits
Free Sdot Go
Grah, grah, boom
Free Nazzy, Nigga

Chorus: Jay Hound
I was thirsty to catch me a real one
They gon’ see how I get when that deal come
Pushing the buttons for nothing is still nothin’
Shit be making me wanna go drill sum’
Sit in the stu, writin’ shit every night
Don’t even feel like I did nothin’
Still in the hood, I’m supposed to be livin’ my life
Feel like I gotta go kill sum’
Verse 1: Jay Hound
I start bugging, they know what we on
I’m with the niggas that really put on
Need 5ive for the show, bro, I’m tryna perform
Thotties be buggin’ when they hear my-
When they hear my song
Got a lil baddie, shakin’ in her thong
Stealin’ the wave but they doing it wrong


Verse 2: Jay5ive
Me and bro flock ‘em while we get along
She know that I’m not one of them niggas
That be the reason she take off her thong
I ain’t tryna party with none of you bitches
‘Cause y’all be the reason that niggas is gone
I’m tryna bend through his block with my switches
And send ‘em to all of the names on his arm
Why when I up, everybody start dippin’?
I think they afraid what I got in my palm
I think there’s a bitch in the spot tryna line me
She ain’t using her head, and that’s word to my mom
Like word to my deads, I’ll flick on anybody
When I back out my gun, I turn into James Spann
Neaky and Ek, y’all niggas be snitches
Boy looking like Jerry, and the other one Tom
Brodie on woo, we been flockin’ forever
And I think it’s the reason why we got a bond
She fell in love the way I fuck her
Now she tryna put me on porn.com
Free all my sweepers, out of the the system
‘Cause I ride with all my guys, right or wrong

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