GOST – Coven

GOST – Coven Lyrics Letra:

Our congregation sings a song, devotion true
Words written tirelessly, righteous prose and tune
Hail praise forever
Hail praise for you
Eyes like the diamond glisten, tears ancient and true

They’ll taste your course incision, just to make them feel
Her sweat and blood, conviction, terrifies for real
This trust, our lust, the pain makes it real
At what cost, for what’s lost, our bloody pact is sealed

Gather the ritual materials, swallow
This grail of blood drawn from the veins of old, hollow
They’ll pray forever, they’ll pray for you
Relinquish mindfulness, we give ourselves to you

Vulgaris, precantatrix
Veil of darkness pressed with a kiss
Vulgaris, precantatrix
Veil of darkness lift exponentia
Liber AL vel Legis

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