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Daz Tricky – Dirty Laundry

Letra “Daz Tricky – Dirty Laundry” Official Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Talk that, fuck around
Pushing out that perfect sound
Spin the block, turn around
Speak your mind or quiet down
Link up, Ben drowned
I was lost but now I found a way to expand from a quarter to a fuckin’ pound
Whatchu talking ’bout?
I can make the money walk
I could talk my shit or I could let the money talk
Wake up, read my texts
See something nice I spend a check
Thirty dollar jewelry shine beautifully when on her neck

Ay, fuckin’
Ay, Stay fuckin’
I’m a straight fucker
I never say, “I love you”
But you know that I still love you
What the hell? (The fuck was that?)
I-I don’t know what that was
Let’s nevеr do that again
That really fucks me up dude

(Vеrse 2)
Weighing my options
There’s weight on my head
Already top ten
Refresh, I’m top eight
Forget what they say
I don’t have to listen
You put lipstick on a pig and then brought it as your prom date
Spit it out son
Skin so pale can’t get enough sun
You’re looking at me like I’m tripping or sumn
Spitting so fast, can’t control my tongue
If I wanna do something then I’ll do it while I’m young
I don’t give a fuck, now get out, run

You had to relocate but even I can see your fate
Low wage, income
Three lovers, no love
Two kids, hate one
If I were you I’d come back

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