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Davinci B – Street Ties

Letra “Davinci B – Street Ties” Official Lyrics

Dam, Shxt Crazy dawg

Look they anit noe bout me
I was was moving packs had to get my bricks from over seas
I anit never freeze
I came up how he did it was outcha ten toes down right on my pivet Say it’s time to blow
Say I’m chosen I’m the one
Don’t run this way cuz I’m the nigga with the tommy gun
Anit no competition
It’s only me vs me
So if we beefing you won cuz I anit got no enemies

Yea I’m stressing
But I know ima make it doe
I’m staying focus tunnel vision I anit worried bout a hoe
Go and ask my last bitch about me
And she ll tell you str8 up that I’m a mutha fukin S A V A G E
Know what dat mean came from bottem all I had was a quarter G watchu know about trade if rocks for a Honda key
Watchu know about riding round with a felony
Haha you think you know me doe
Hold on ima tell you sum shxt that nobody noe grab the clock and rewind
Time to go back in time see ima put you game when I anit even have a dime
Rule one go and get it stay on ya pivet
Don’t ask nigga for shxt so he can say he help you get it
Rule 2 stay consistent don’t do vacations
Don’t let a nigga work ya phone cuz now he gone be hating
Rule 3 f*** these bitches stay on ya grind
They only want you for ya money
And they got is time
Rule 4 stack ya commas learn how to save
Cuz next thing you know tomorrow might be a lil rainy day
Rule 5 stay alive and don’t do beef
If a nigga want beef
You let em eat it in the streets da streets
See I can go all day
But I anit got time to play bitch ima grown ass man and getting older by the day
I say any mini miny moe catch luh mama by her toe
If she wanna hoe
Den let her hoe
My nigga let her go
I just let lil Mary go watch dat bih go round and round
Meet her at Circus I shoulda knew that bitch was a clown
But it’s okay
Cuz Ima keep it pimpin don’t call me Scotty
But I’m balling I got plenty other women
Got a call from Alesha she she at the Westin
I almost went but I remember dat lil Mary was her best friend I almost went but I remember dat lil Mary was her best friend

Haha these bitches be trying set me up outcha man but ima stay on my pivet cuz I’m outcha ten toes … fck a hoe

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