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Davinci B – 3AM In Miami

Letra “Davinci B – 3AM In Miami” Official Lyrics

Aye you know when you think you got it but you really don’t , so now it leave you wondering like damm where did I go wrong

Girl: Can you pick up because I miss you a lot and umm
Im sorry that I’m crying right now
But I’m drunk and Um
I miss you soo much

Either way it go
I anit trippen I anit worried bout a hoe can’t sleep and I’m up late
Anit tryna argue ion wanna debate
Phone ring manager on my line
She looking crazy but she the one on my mind
Just got a text and it’s from my ex
She reminiscing and talking bout I’m the best

Hold on bae please don’t get to tripping that remy bottle shape like a model so you know I’m sipping
You say you love mе say you hate anit no guarantee gave me ya hеart and I anit ask for no warranty
Stop hating me together we the best
Fck a quiz I think I’m ready baby hand me the test
I’m a wiz like Harry Potter so better den the rest
I’m in the mood to make a mood im bout to make a mess

Ok top floor right ok a1a
You order room service talkin bout how long can u stay 
I’m in my bag so you know We living day for day
Don’t ask me about no other chick you know what ima say
Simon say gotta stay focus only me and you
You my girl but In bed you know I call you boo
We forever what dat mean dat mean eternity
Fck this bitches even put you before my lil currency
3am We on the balcony
I grab ya waist whisper in your ear tell me what you see
I see the moon I see the stars
I see da buss down chains and I see the foreign cars
Dats my vision I’m tryna blow
And I hope the fame don’t get to me don’t wanna let you go
I got a vybe dat you my vybe and I just had to let you know
So if you thinking bout leaving me
Keep it real it and let me know

Keep it going keep it copectic
You went to Walgreens in my double r for a plan b
Took you bout a hr in my head I think she playing me
Tryna have my baby I shoulda made you swallow my seed
Maybe it’s you maybe it’s me maybe it the greed
Maybe it’s the diamonds round my neck dat got you here me
Either way man I will never know
Cuz one thing about it you never know when you really got a lil hoe

Indigo eyes long hair you my Anastasia blind to the criminal mind bae I could lace ya ion chase my liquor so tell me why would I chase ya
I’m independent don’t need nobody but I need favor
Eat me Na save me for later like a now and later
Heart been broken and damaged It’s deeper than a moon crater
Free Jgoon he the reason I almost pulled a caper
Shawty f**ked my homie so dat mean she a trader
It’s going up this year top floor don’t need no elevator bye bye hater I’m bout to blow so next time you see me make sure you don’t bring me round ya hoe
I’m bout to go we hitting Mars
And you can keep the fly shxt and ion want them foreign
Cars California walk of fame I don’t even want the stars
Eiffel tower I’m in Paris I hope I don’t catch a charge
Cuz I might beat a bitch up don’t wanna be behind the bars

Aye y’all tell shawty holla at me man
Even tho we can’t rekindle that flame
She could never leave my heart (forreal)
And dats luv

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