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CJ Anfernee – Concrete Roses (Bloom)

Letra “CJ Anfernee – Concrete Roses (Bloom)” Official Lyrics

Verse 1
Fuck an icon, what you call an icon dying
In the belly of the beast, with systematic enzymes breaking down ghetto youth?
They yap about the end times, all of them made me ruthless
My brother left rhymes hanging around my nursery
Heard they promised a bursary
They label us the “now”, but I guess their vow don’t refer to me
Of-course. Coca plants sown in with the roses
Blood from our stalks in heavy doses
Crabs in a barrel killed an old soul, left a holе in his bucket hat
Second cousin hit a lick on ’em, thеy called it “tit for tat”
So, who gonna make it right for dear Liza?
Cousin ducked the shots like a zealot fearing the Pfizer
Baby Kayla wrongfully pegged for robbery
Started pulling numbers like fiends scratching for lottery
Daddy said, “You put my life through hell. Sleep in that fucking cell.”
That shit put too much pressure on his arteries
We don’t trust your prayers for our turnaround
All your evil transferring bring us further down
A grieving generation born to a future decomposed
Compelled me to compose the fate of a concrete rose

*Rae & Ghost – Can It Be All So Simple samples*


I cannot calm the young fellas out there. I try to calm them out already, I cannot do it
You understand?
Because at the end of the day, I cannot give them money to feed their family. Y’understand-
I myself have to switch myself in two to three jobs already, just to try and put myself back on my-
On my feet properly
Now the fellas hungry, alright?
The fellas angry
The fellas telling me straight, they have bullets for their guns and they doh have no money in their pockets
To buy bread. You understand?
So what they going to do? Hmm?
When you ha- when it easy to get bullets for your weapon than for you to get bread, what you expect the fellas to do?

Verse 2
You looking like a pussy in my presence gimme respect
Gimme that wallet gimme that Cuban link in your neck
An iPhone 12 bulging in your pocket, what you expect?
You run through my block, I run through your pockets, gimme a sec
You thought your hard look would make you safe, you thought a mistake
Thought you was something tough, talking like you hungry for steak
My niggas favor goose and yours is cooked, for God’s sake
Your fam around your hospital bed like a funeral wake
This shit is for the birds
Squad posted on the porch, tunnel vision blurred
Black body ivory living amongst the roaches
Habitat taught us to impale whoever poaches
Mama got her King James, talking off God’s ears
Trying to save her minimum wage like souvenirs
I’m the only one she got left, the last resort
I’m trying my best in any way to support
So check it
I got a polished fake Cuban link to sell
The government made a market of sucker clientele
I’m just making fair money as far as I can tell
Cuz 12 got niggas losing their weight like Adele
The village failed the child, so the streets took custody
Them boys saw my struggles and did their part to toughen me
Dead presidents sending this general to battle
Every crab for himself in this barrel

Hook (fighting in background)
This the garden of concrete roses. (x7)

Verse 3
The last thing I wanna see, is my mother with tears welled up in her eyes
My destiny being the same as my niggas’ demise
Fallen victim to the life they say we glamorize
To plights of people like us, the public desensitized
Bringing a child into this hell, that’s what I refuse
Somebody else in the fam gon’ die because he choose
To act like he won’t be touched or got nothing to lose
That’s not the way I’d want my seed to make the local news
(Haaa!) So tell me now, what’s the alternative?
Building a house on these rocks sounding persuasive
You judge that, then the lack of commas never sold ya the trauma of the soldier, it’s not an easy road
Silver spoons never stirred a difference in the crock pot
Cost of living punching holes in your pocket like buckshot
That iPhone money bought Momma some clothes, she-cried
And that’s more than my deadbeat tried
Nobody fault but mine, I suppose
Out late night, getting drunk with a fellow rose
Four niggas walk up yelling about some chain
Few stabs to the stomach, I’m doubled over in pain
Blood on my hand in heavy doses
Not every rose here gets to bloom, but I came the closest
I lay on the ground for the local news
An idol dying with nothing left to lose

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