Baby Smoove – Wanna Be Lyrics

Baby Smoove – Wanna Be ( Lyrics ) Letra Baby Smoove Baby Smoove – Wanna Be ( Lyrics )

I just be thanking God I’m so
talented look boy it’s just one to be
it’s only one of
me just one to be me I got a [ __ ] in
Tennessee New Orleans I’m toying to I
think I’m starting to they trying to be
I think they fun to me I run circles
around your [ __ ] cuz to me she too
green why I’m in here trying to fight
this cup you know there no green even
though I know
drink you broke do your tax fat boy
likey I was charging for this dick I
swear to God I tax I got rich I got
deeper in the street back I’ve been
giving no advice to be honest I could
have kep I got a C on my chest that’s
ain’t coming off my neck like that a
[ __ ] with me
iig can’t [ __ ] with
me they can’t [ __ ] with me do
blood with problem I swear to God I used
to before I started raing what the [ __ ]
I look like this and [ __ ] we just go
grab I’m my sister last time we seen you
boy we had T every time y’all [ __ ]
saying that y was ducking trying to grab
they put they put , on us that [ __ ]
disrespectful well you know this [ __ ]
for free but if they catch you they
going to M you I can’t argue with no
[ __ ] who we really shot in traic I mean
I can’t argue with him he got shot in
traic I got my n getting money but sh
half of them crash I’m a West Side [ __ ]
you not catch me on K me out of coffee I
had to go to I had money boy forever
ever young I’m this [ __ ]
forever I’mma this [ __ ] forever I’m a
young I got my charger Rango my je F car
[ __ ] sick I Cas my new house be that
[ __ ] like a cast I like her she like me
too sh I think she want to rest you know
my [ __ ] super charg I could never drive
a test if I love you I can’t argue but
be careful when we catch I didn’t move
so many bricks my [ __ ] call me baby
tou how you making this songs about that
boy took your NE words don’t hurt do on
stretch words don’t hurt but
it’s yeah words don’t hurt but it’s on
stretch I didn’t move so many brids my
[ __ ] call me baby
coming kings and queens
coming start taking pieces out
your see the picture little
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